Available Programs
 Updated on Friday, Aug 25, 2023

NETCACHE is the chartering organization for the Troop 98 Trail Life USA program.

NETCACHE is the chartering organization for the American Heritage Girls program.

Brief History of NETCACHE
 Updated on Sunday, Dec 4, 2016

NETCACHE was formed by like-minded home school parents that wanted to pool together their family resources to provide their children quality education and activities in 1984. At the time the laws pertaining to home schooled children were capricious at best. The public schools had enough funding to pursue truancy violations with families that did not enroll their children in the local public school as evidenced by court documents of the time. Many of the founding members of NETCACHE were directly involved in an effort to change the nature and legal status of home education in Texas by a successful strategy to extend the rights that Texas private schools enjoyed to home school families.
During the late 1990's NETCACHE grew to 383 member families, or over 1,000 members including parents and children. At the time NETCACHE had 38 separate activities for families, a post office box for the amount of mail it received and a credit line with the local Office Depot for supplies and services to publish a monthly newsletter. The constitution that was created back in 1984 and was amended throughout the years to serve the members was finally retired after 29 years and a charter was voted in place as the organization's governing document by the membership on October 27, 2013. The organization now exists as a parent chartering organization with a rich heritage currently providing Christian-based adventure, character, and leadership programs with a bright future for partnering with Christian families.
NETCACHE is grateful for, and has been hugely blessed by the many families that have sacrificed their time and efforts to the challenges facing parents who desire to raise their children in accordance with Christ-centered education!